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Eternal Sonata

When Eternal Sonata came out I fell in love with its detailed and complex character designs. Princess Serenade's outfit was my favorite, though I knew I didn't have the sewing skills at the time to do her justice. In 2016 I finally decided I was ready to take on the challenge of Serenade and spent over a year on and off working on her. Even with many complicated costumes under my belt, Serenade still proved to be extremely difficult; very few people take on these multi-layered costumes and now I know why! I'm pretty happy with the end result but I think there is still room for improvement.

Construction Notes:
I started with what I determined was the bottom yellow short-skirted dress, and used my good old Simplicity 4015 pattern for the bodice and skirt. The bodice was stiffened with several layers of interfacing and the lace, applique heart, and other accents were added before lining it. The sleeves were self-patterned to accommodate the puffs at the shoulder and elbow and the multi-layer collar took several attempts and re-patterning to get right, with lace, glass gems, and worbla used for the details. The three layers of skirts on top of the dress are also self-patterned; the large yellow skirt has a satin stitched layer of cream fabric on the inside for the doily-like design and glass gems, flowers, and painted snowflakes with ribbons were hand-sewn on the outside layer. Plastic ties were inserted into the flaps of the skirt to give it the right shape and the entire thing snaps onto the underdress. The cream skirt wraps over the large yellow skirt and is laced with grommets and lacing, and the white corset-like skirt snaps in the front on top of everything.

For the accessories I modified store-bought gloves to add the triangle pattern at the edge and the boots were created by cutting off a pair of go-go white boots at the ankle and adding fabric, ribbon, and flower accents to them. The blue upper parts of the boots are blue leggings with foam inserts added above the knee to create the triangle pattern with bias tape sewn along the edge. The crown and hair clips are made from worbla, fabric, beads, and flowers. Finally, to create Serenade's hairstyle wefts were sewn into the wig to create a full part down the back and the wig was pulled into side ponytails that wrap up into the hair clips to create the two loops of hair on either side. Sketch made her heart staff out of PVC and worbla wrapped insulation foam.

Photoshoot Pics: