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Convention History:
PortCon Maine 2013
Dragon*Con 2014
Photo Castmates:
Link: Sketch
Goddess Din: Chinako
Goddess Farore: EllyStar
Photo Credits:
Robert Scholz
Nate Buchman Photography
Robbins Studios Photography and Fine Art
The Legend of Zelda

I havenít played many of the Legend of Zelda games, so I wasnít overly familiar with the Golden Goddesses until EllyStar decided to design and make original costumes for the three spirits and asked me to model Goddess Nayru for her as water is pretty much my element of choice. I agreed, and we had a blast wearing these!

Construction Notes:
EllyStar made all of the Grecian-style tunics and hand-dyed the fabric to achieve a gorgeous ombre gradient effect. Attached to the back of the dresses are golden sashes. She also made the Triforce peices, as well as belts painted with the Triforce emblem on them and accented with triangle studs. Sketch designed diadems for the three of us to reflect our elements of fire, water, and air; after drawing them out he crafted them in worbla and coated them in clear coat and gold paint. For jewelry I chose pieces which reflected a fan art of the Goddesses which I personally liked; I bought a half-moon gold necklace and blue and gold bobble bracelets, and found a pair of elf ears and Grecian style gold shoes to complete the look. For our photoshoot with Nate, we also decided to incorporate musical instruments as props, with Farore playing the flute for wind, Nayru playing the violin for water, and Din with the ukulele for fire.

Photoshoot Pics: