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Another Anime Convention 2008
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TIFA LOCKHEART: Crisis Core Version
Final Fantasy VII

In the past, I'd seen a few die-hard Tifa cosplayers attempt Tifa's "Mountain Guide" outfit - a cowgirl-esque ensemble which she wears as a teenager in Nibelhiem during flashback sequences in Final Fantasy VII. However, I found the design rather boring and the outfit, which appears for all of five minutes in the original game, excessively obscure. However, the game's recent prequel, Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, focuses on this period in the story's timeline, and Tifa's more prominent role in the Nibelheim incident was reflected in her upgraded wardrobe. I thought the redesigned outfit was fantastic; when Gale decided to do the Crisis Core version of Aeris and Another Anime Con announced that their 2008 theme was "Go West!" I decided it was the perfect time to cowgirl-ify Tifa.

Construction Notes:
The skirt is made from brown suede and uses my favorite jean mini skirt as a pattern. It's edged in white lace and zips and buttons in the front. It's the first time I've made such a detailed skirt, completed with belt loops, and I really like how it came out. The undershirt is a store bought off-white V-neck tank top which was shortened to bust length and accented with brown cotton and wooden buttons down the front. The vest was made from the same brown suede as the skirt using a Simplicity cowgirl pattern. It is trimmed with brown cotton, white craft foam appliqués and cream tassels. The belt was bought at target and the buckle painted turquoise and orange to match Tifa’s design, and the brown side pockets are rectangular pieces of Styrofoam covered in brown cotton and embellished with craft foam and tassels. Finally the hat was bought at a costume shop. I used a pair of brown knee-high boots for this costume due to time constraints, but I plan on getting a more accurate pair of brown and cream cowgirl boots next time I wear this.

Photoshoot Pics: