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Photo Credits:
Steve Downie
TIFA LOCKHEART: Advent Children Version
Final Fantasy VII

Tifa was always my favorite Final Fantasy VII heroine, but I'd never considered doing her outfit because, lets face it, it isn't the most flattering ensemble out there. However, when screenshots for the game's film sequel, Advent Children started floating around the internet, Tifa's new look just blew me away. I absolutely loved her badass biker-chick threads!

Construction Notes:
The top is actually three separate pieces; the white shirt is a store-bought tube top while the white that sticks out the sleeves is a strip of stretch cotton sewn onto the arm openings on the vest. The vest itself is made from pleather and uses a fitted jacket pattern with three panels and two darts in the front and back. It zips up the front with a silver double zipper. The bottom duster-like thing is made from black pleather and is broken into two separate sections; the front pocket part and the back pleated part. The back is one large section of fabric which is knife-pleated from the top, and the pleats are sewn together about a third of the way down before they are left to hang open. The front is also one panel which has two pockets topstitched on and is detailed with border stitching and black plastic buttons. The front threads through buckles at each hip on the back to fasten the sections together. For the shorts I modified an old pair of stretch-cotton black suit pants, removing the bottom half of the pant legs and hemming them to fall just above the knee. I made belt loops with the leftover fabric for the ribbons on the shorts, which are long strips cut from the black pleather and tied into bows. The boots are another Wal-Mart find, which I then painted white to match Tifa’s pattern. Black satin ribbon is tied around the top of the boot laces and a pink ribbon around the left arm to complete the look. The leather gloves and teardrop silver earrings are store bought from Target, and the Cloudy Wolf ring is the official one bought off of eBay.

Photoshoot Pics: