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Anime Boston 2006
BakuretsuCon 2006
Masquerade, Anime Boston 2006
Masquerade, BakuretsuCon 2006
Staff-Vote Hall Award
Anime Boston 2006

Best Novice Presentation
BakuretsuCon 2006
Photo Credits:
Jamila Sisco
Nick Harrington
Final Fantasy VIII

After Final Fantasy VIII came out, I saw many cosplayers emulate the sexy designs of Sorceresses Edea and Ultimecia, but the third in the trio of villains, Sorceress Adel, was ignored. The design intrigued me; I especially liked her skirt and wings, and I wanted to show that Adel could be just as cool as the other two. This was only my second costume and a wonderful learning experience. I'm very proud of her.

Construction Notes:
The skirt is a three panel hand-patterned design made from three yards of black satin/poly blend and closes at the hip with both a hook and eye. The white sash was gradient dyed with RIT Scarlet dye and decorated with black flame-shaped appliqués I made from scraps of the skirt. The belt is a regular black belt spray-painted gold with plastic silver and red gems glued on. It attaches to the skirt with industrial strength Velcro. For her top half, I got a white leotard off eBay and stenciled Adel's tattoos with black fabric paint using handmade patterns. I also drew stencils for her wings, which I then cut our of posterboard and painted black. The wings are double-layered; I threaded strong wire between the layers of black cardboard to help them retain their shape, and then attached both layers together by wrapping them in black electrical tape. To add my own flair to the design, I studded extra black fabric with red gems, covered in in black lace, and attached it to the wings to hang like a train in the back. For her hands I used a pair of white gloves and attached fake acrylic nails to the fingertips and painted them black. The bracelets are gold ribbon with red gems glued and black designs painted on. Her earrings are two red Christmas tassles threaded through wooden beads I painted gold and tied to earring hooks. The headdress is a black hood made out of four-way stretch polyester and adorned with a foam crown. The horns are layers of bent gold wire attached to a headband. Finally, I bought the red wig pretty cheaply off of eBay, and styled it around the hood and horns. I tied it with scraps of material left over from the black skirt.

Photoshoot Pics: