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Steve Downie
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Keith Haney
RINOA HEARTILLY: Kingdom Hearts Version
Kingdom Hearts

Rinoa isn't technically in Kingdom Hearts. However, when Square held a competition for Kingdom Hearts character designs, CG artist Dion Rogers entered this version of Rinoa and won. In fact, the CG was so good many who stumbled upon it mistook it for official Square artwork! I, like many, adored this design: it's fun and fresh although it remains clearly Rinoa. Also, it matches Kingdom Hearts' Leon (AKA Squall) so well.

Construction Notes:
I started with several yards of grey-blue twill I found on clearance at Joann’s. The top is three panels – one long section in the back and two triangular sections in the front – and is both lined and trimmed with black cotton. The bottom edge is trimmed with two rows of wide black lace. Two loops of the twill attaching vertically to the side panel seams serve as the sleeves, and two stylized wing appliqués are topstitched on the back in white fleece. The entire top claps shut at the breast with a hook and eye closure that is covered in a black satin ribbon. An arm warmer made of twill and black satin is worn on the right arm and edged with lace. The left arm’s black ribbon is sewn onto a thick white lace and is tied shut with a bow. The bottoms are store bought black cotton hotpants which have false white lace “thong” straps sewn to each side. The “wing” twill panels are also attached to the pants, which are bell-shaped and fully lined. Each panel is topstitched with a large wing appliqué made from white fleece and the bottom hem is edged with black lace sandwiched between the panel and lining. In the interest of time I made a really ghetto gunblade for Rinoa out of a soap bubble gun trigger, industrial wire, cardboard and paint. It served its purpose decently enough but it has fallen apart over the years and needs a upgrade. Also, I currently wear black boots and a belt with this, but I want to update it with the proper brown boot, shin pads, and belt.

Photoshoot Pics: