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Photo Credits:
Patrick O'Malley
RINOA HEARTILLY: Classic Blue Duster
Final Fantasy VIII

This was my very first costume! I choose Rinoa because Final Fantasy VIII was the first of the series I ever completed, and I think there is more to her character than most people take her for. Also, I look somewhat like her anyway, and her outfit seemed like a relatively simple costume to attempt for a first try.

Construction Notes:
It took me ages to find light blue ribknit fabric for the duster. It seems plentiful now whenever I walk into a Joanns, but at the time Rinoa cosplayers were scrambling to find it, and when I finished the outfit I sold the excess on eBay for a surprisingly hefty price. Once the fabric was in hand, I used a three-quarter length sweater I owned as a pattern for the duster and split it into three flared panels two on each side and one in the back. Its not lined and it is a bit short; Id love to remake it longer now that I have more experience. For the wings on the back of the duster I printed out a popular wallpaper that showed Rinoa back-to, and I blew up the image until the wing was life-sized. I then cut it out and used the image as a stencil to paint the wings on the duster with white fabric paint. The arm warmers have a single seam and thin elastics tucked into the hems to hold them on my arms without slipping. The jean skirt was made from a yard of thin denim using my own favorite jean mini skirt as a pattern. It has a hidden zipper up the back and false silver buttons in the front. The bike pants were store bought but I sewed the zippers in myself; the zippers were originally gold so I spray-painted them silver. The V-neck tank top was store bought after a lot of searching, and the necklace was the official Final Fantasy VIII one which I ordered on eBay. Finally the boots were found at Wal-Mart and I added two belts I found at Target.

Photoshoot Pics: