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Anime Boston 2007
Cherry Blossom Ball
Photo Credits:
Bruce O'Bryan
Jamila Sisco
RINOA HEARTILLY: Amano Ballroom Artwork
Final Fantasy VIII

Unlike most of Yoshitka Amano's Final Fantasy work, he drew not one, but two artbook versions of Rinoa Heartilly. The first version is his interpretation of her classic outfit, while this one is his version of the ballroom dress she wears to the SeeD graduation ball. I wanted to do this outfit for several reasons; first, I liked the design, second, very few people cosplay this obscure version, and third, by doing this outfit, I would have cosplayed all of Rinoa's outfits to date! Also, when Anime Boston announced they would be holding a formal Cherry Blossom Ball as part of their 2007 programming, I decided the color scheme would be a great fit.

Construction Notes:
I already had a very short pink dress which I used for the top, and then made the bottom skirt out of the same pale yellow satin fabric I had used for Rinoa’s regular ballroom dress. The skirt is modified from a floor-length A-Line dress pattern and zips up the side. For the hair decorations I painted a hair clip and a pair of chopsticks gold, and set them off with a hot pink flower and ribbon I already had. The necklace used a gold ring and chain I had lying around, and the hot pink shoes I already owned. As a finishing touch, I decided Rinoa should have painted wings; none of my roommates were around when I was getting dressed for the Cherry Blossom Ball, so I painted on the wings in the back myself using a mirror for the first time. They came out pretty good!

Photoshoot Pics: