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PortCon Maine 2010
Katsucon 2015
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Rob Scholz
RELM ARROWNY: Amano Artwork
Final Fantasy VI

I love Relm; she's cute, she's sassy, and her weapon is a paintbrush! I originally made this costume quickly for a Final Fantasy VI group EllyStar was putting together for PortCon Maine 2010, and it did not come out very well at all. When I was asked to wear Relm again in 2015 I revamped her completely and am much happier with this now!

Construction Notes:
I originally made this costume in less than 24 hours, sewing lined chiffon "genie" pants and pairing them with a store bought tube top, blue suade shoes from eBay, and a whole hot mess of scrap fabric and beads from my leftover bin. The turban was even office-supply stapled to a hat underneath, which was truly horrible. For Relm 2.0, the only parts I salvaged were the pants, shoes, and the awesome blonde wig I'd found. Instead of the tube top, I wanted something that was more fitted, streamlined, and would stay in place over the pants. I took a steel-boned black corset I had and covered it with black spandex to give the top the appearance of a seamless tube top but with the form of a corset. Next I went digging through my scrap bin once again, but this time with more time and purpose. The armbands came together relatively easily using a variety of scrap items, but the waist sash was one of the most deceptively challenging parts of this costume. It is very difficult to make something which just appears to be thrown together but actually is harmonious color and texture-wise and which also fit properly over the area where my corset met my pants, which was closer to hip than waist level. Finally the turban was an exercise in trial and error; in the end I made a foundation from pipe insulation and scrap fabric and fit it to my head, then wrapped beautiful pale yellow and blue patterned fabric on top of it, tucking and sewing it here and there until I liked how it was laying. I then fit another ring of pipe insulation covered in fabric on top, garnished with feathers. For the necklace I cast a large gem in resin which is glued to a wooden base and strung with leather cording and beads. The shoes were still perfect for the outfit, even if they were uncomfortable, but I covered the toes in stretch gold fabric and added beading to bring more of the color scheme from the rest of the costume down to the shoes. The paintbrush and palette were from our painting supplies at home, and I added some feathers and bias tape to the brush to tie it in with the accents on my costume.

Photoshoot Pics: