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Dragon*Con 2015
Photo Credits:
Jeannette Chambliss
Robert Scholz
Final Fantasy I

I'm a big classic Final Fantasy fan, and when it first came out I loved the webcomic 8-Bit Theater, so I thought it would be fun to do a classic FFI/8-Bit Theater group for Dragon*Con. I was torn between being Black Mage and Red Mage, but when I found a fanart design by DeviantArt artist raemz-desu, I decided to use that as my inspiration and picked Red Mage.

Construction Notes:
I made this costume only a few days before the convention and it was pretty easy; I started by heavily altering an A-Line sundress pattern to make the main sleeveless "dress" portion, and making a quick mockup with leftover fabric. It was such a cute base I saved the mockup for future projects. I then quickly put the main dress together, using using a beautiful heavy bright red suiting fabric as my base and a darker stiffer red bottomweight as a lining. I added the details by top-stiching down white bias tape and sewing on the buttons before adding the lining, and then made up my own pattern for the sleeves and collar. The cape was made from the same homemade pattern as my other superhero capes (Dragon*Con 2015 was the year of cape making!) and the cravat was thrown together with scrap about 15 minutes before we left the house to fly down to Atlanta. The gloves were recycled from my Rosette costume and the tights, hat, and boots were store-bought. This was a fun last-minute costume and I'd like to tweak it a bit before wearing it again to add some details and finishes.

Photoshoot Pics: