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ConnectiCon 2008
Providence Anime Conference 2008
Anime Boston 2009
Skit Exhibition, PAC 2008
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Faris Scherwiz: Natalie
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Steve Downie
Final Fantasy V

I first played Final Fantasy V when it was released for the PSX in 1999 as part of the Final Fantasy Anthology. Despite the terrible translation, I fell in love with the game and its characters, and have wanted to cosplay one of the female leads ever since. Although Faris, the pirate captain, is my favorite character, when Natalie told me she was planning to cosplay Faris, I just had to make Princess Reina to match her!

Construction Notes:
I began with a store-bought purple tank leotard, which I altered into a halter design and edged with gold trim. I also added two buttons in the back to hold the lowered back closed. I then used an opaque lilac cotton to make a wrap mini skirt, and covered it with a layer of floor-length sheer lilac silk, knife-pleated at the waistline and trimmed with gold fringe at the hem. I then spent six weeks hand-beading a block pattern along the fringe's edge and gold vines twisting up the skirts length, bead by individual gold bead. It took forever but I love the effect. Finally I added a sash of gold brocade and a string of glass red, gold and blue beads to the skirt, which wraps around the waist and fastens using snaps. Next I used Wonderflex to make Reina's chest plate, arm gauntlets, and headpiece. I painted all of the "armor" with a gold finish and glued and sewed plastic and metal beads onto them as accents. The gauntlets were also wrapped in gold wire and threaded with glass beads. I made a pair of matching earrings out of additional beads, and made the "sleeves/train" out of box pleated purple silk fastened on the leotard and left to hang down the back. Finally I bought a pair of dyeable white shoes at Payless and dyed them metallic gold. Similar to the gauntlets, I added gold wire and glass beads in a design which wraps up the calf and fastens in the back. Finally, I decorated a store-bought sword with plastic gems and leftover fabric to match the outfit.

Photoshoot Pics: