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Anime Trivia, PortCon Maine 2010
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Photo Credits:
Elizabeth O'Malley
Final Fantasy XIII

When my boyfriend and I started playing Final Fantasy XIII, we took one look at Lebreau and said, "Wow, she's cute!" I loved her costume design, she works by the beach, and her personality was similar to Tifa Lockheart - she even runs her own bar! She's a very minor character and very few people recognize who she is, but the costume is comfortable and it was a lot of fun to do.

Construction Notes:
The top is a store bought bikini covered in purple poly/satin with an added zipper and topstitched appliqués cut out of gold PVC ribbon from JoAnn's. The shirt I patterned after a work shirt. I used a zipper for time; I may redo the top later with buttons. For the accents I found the perfect green crepe in the clearance section for $3 a yard, but I needed the base of the top and the skirt to have a stiff backing, so they are both sewn over an ugly pleather material, which helps the skirt poof out and the crepe hold its pleats. The ruffles are serged and decorated with more PVC appliqués. I found some fun buttons that I sewed on the skirt for the studs. The booty shorts are store bought with silver PVC accents stretched stitched onto them. I used a stretch lace ribbon and used a zigzag stitch to attach the shorts permanently to the leggings, which are made of strips of real black leather left over from my boyfriend's Organization XIII coat and the translucent sections are black mesh. The bracelet is a wooden bangle painted yellow and decorated with electrical tape. For the gun, I found a Nerf one that was similar in design and spray painted it with matte black paint. The tattoo was painted on by Sketch with acrylic paint and actually lasted all day!

Photoshoot Pics: