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Convention History:
BakuretsuCon 2006
Photo Credits:
Nick Harrington
Final Fantasy VIII

Ever since I made my Rinoa Heartilly costume, I wanted to make her mother, Julia Heartilly's, outfit as well. Julia is such an underrated character; she's downplayed in Final Fantasy VIII's storyline even though she sings the game's theme song, "Eyes On Me." Also, her red dress has such a simple, yet elegantly sexy, design.

Construction Notes:
The dress is made from several yards of 2-way stretch red velvet from JoAnn’s; I used an A-line dress pattern which hangs free below the waist, and the material is stretchy enough that the dress can just slip on over the head. The breast appliqués are made from 4-way stretch black velvet pilfered from an old leotard I cut up for scrap. They are edged with red velvet ribbon which continues across the neck to serve as the straps. The velvet ribbon is also used for the upper arm accents and held in place with Velcro. Two plastic gold bangles are used for the bracelets.

Photoshoot Pics: