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Anime Boston 2005
Photo Credits:
Cheryl Carvalho
Final Fantasy VIII

From the moment I started playing Final Fantasy VIII, I was intrigued with the character of Ellone. She's both the ultimate mystery and the ultimate innocent of the entire story, and her life serves as the centerpiece by which all of the main characters are connected.

Construction Notes:
This costume was made entirely from found items; I decided to cosplay Ellone after coming across the exact same blue sweater vest with a white button-up shirt collar that Ellone wears for $5.00 on eBay. I snagged that and then borrowed my motherís cream-colored pencil skirt and my friendís green pashmina for the sash. The shoes were in my closet and the wig is the same as the one I used for Julia Heartilly.

Photoshoot Pics: