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Halloween 2008
Photo Credits:
Patrick Delehanty
SARAH PALIN: Governor of Alaska
U.S. Presidential Election 2008

I've always been active in politics, and I followed the 2008 Presidential election closely writing blog entries, magazine articles, and working for the Hillary Clinton campaign during her primary run. Although disappointed by her loss, I was much more disappointed by the GOP's thinly veiled attempt to court Hillary supporters by selecting the naive and comically incompetent Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, as John McCain's running mate. How many times do women have to say they didn't vote for Hillary just because she was A GIRL?! Would people ask men if they voted for Obama because he was a man?! -sigh- Anyway, more famous for her inability to answer 3rd-grade level questions and uncanny resemblance to Saturday Night Live cast member Tina Fey than her administrative skills, Sarah Palin was the joke of the election season and the IT Halloween costume for 2008. What else could be scarier than this woman in charge of the free world? Don't answer that, Cheney.

Construction Notes:
The short black skirt and shoes I already had in my closet, while I borrowed the red wool jacket from my mother. I had a flag pin in my drawer from the American Embassy when I went to New Zealand, so I pinned that to my lapel, and the gaudy fake engagement/wedding rings and other jewelry I got at Target. The glasses were cheap reading ones I picked up from the dollar store and popped out the lenses, and the rifle is a real one from 1880 I found in my basement. The barrel is rusted shut and the trigger is broken so I couldn’t fire it if I wanted to.

Photoshoot Pics: