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I don't usually jump on board a television show before it even premieres, but as soon as I saw the trailers for Glee in the fall of 2009 I fell for the hype. Luckily the actual show didn't disappoint me; sure, it's cheesy and completely ridiculous, but once you accept that its fantastically funny with quirky, well-written scripts and an impressively talented cast of unknown actors. I see a lot of myself and people I grew up with in the characters, and immediately identified with Rachel's determination, though not necessarily her shamelessness. With Halloween quickly approaching, I decided Rachel, the self-appointed star of the William McKinley High School Glee Club, would be a fun and easy costume to put together.

Construction Notes:
I pulled Rachel almost entirely out of my closet for Halloween 2009; I already had a yellow sweater, plaid schoolgirl skirt, brown wig and preppy shoes. All I needed to buy were the knee socks!  However, by the time I wanted to be Rachel again in 2011, the sweater, socks, and shoes had been worn to death and tossed out, and the thought of wearing an entirely woolen outfit to hot summer conventions was unpleasant. This time around I went for a pink plaid jumper which I found online, grabbed some white knee socks and reused a peasant shirt I already had. I also found a gold star charm and put it on a chain to make the necklace Finn gives her in season 2.

Photoshoot Pics: