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Halloween 2007
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POCAHONTAS: Powhatan Princess
Original Design

I'm about a quarter Native American, and as such I've always wanted to portray a native historical figure. When some friends and I decided to do a "historical character" theme for Halloween 2006, I took the opportunity to do Pocahontas, since I had read a lot about her actual, quite tragic, life story when I was a kid. As a result I didn't particularly want to do the Disney version, so I went with my own design instead.

Construction Notes:
My original purpose for this costume was just something to wear to a Halloween party, so I went to iParty a few days before with the intention of buying a costume in a bag. However, I was surprised to find they only had child-sized native costumes. I could have picked something else, but I already had my mind set on doing Pocahontas, and the other historical women I admire would have meant committing to a much more time-consuming outfit. I decided to buy the kid's costume anyway and improvised; since it was a one-piece outfit that obviously wasn't designed to fit my height, I started by chopping the thing in half and making the bottom part into a skirt. I hand-beaded little designs all around the bottom edge and sewed about forty braids of glass and wooden beads to hang amongst the fridge to make it look less tacky. I made a belt from dark brown fabric scraps and hung fake “fur pelts” off of it made out of leftover hair from my Squall plushie. For the top I took an old strapless bra and covered it in fabric leftover from the top half of the mutilated iParty costume. I trimmed it with more of the dark brown fabric and decorated it with beading. Some body paint for the tribal tattoo, a stone native necklace I have from my mother and a feather I found on the beach stuck in my hair, and voilá!

Photoshoot Pics: