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Alice In Wonderland

I'd wanted to redo my Cheshire Cat costume for a few years when in 2009, the purrrrfect purple and pink striped fleece fabric appeared at JoAnn's and Lolita decided to revisit the Alice In Wonderland theme for the 2009 tea party, this time with a Steampunk twist. I love the result; it's more comfortable, more flattering, and more true to the character than the original.

Construction Notes:
I grabbed the entire bolt of “Cheshire cat” fleece because it was only 99 cents a yard and I figured I’d keep the excess to touch up the costume from time to time since I planned to wear it a lot. I started with a cheap, plastic-boned black corset and covered several of the panels in the fleece fabric. I then ripped off the skirt from my old Cheshire costume and added a black bustle made from black satin/poly fabric. I made a huge tail from the fleece, stuffed it with quilt batting, and sewed it to the back of the skirt with a giant black lace bow. I also made the leg warmers from the fleece with elastics tucked into the top hem to hold them up. Finally, I stuffed the fleece ears with batting, added white “fur” accents from an old feather boa and sewed them onto a headband. I bought a cute Victorian hat off of ebay and added feather accents and sewed little pocketwatch gears onto it for a Steampunk-esque look. I also found a Steampunk monocle online and a hand-crocheted Victorian choker necklace to complete the ensemble.

Photoshoot Pics: