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Convention History:
Elegant Gothic Lolita Teaparty 2006
Photo Credits:
Bruce O'Bryan
Jamila Sisco
CHESHIRE CAT: Gothic Lolita
Alice In Wonderland

When Lolita and SakiB decided to gather up some local cosplayers for an Alice In Wonderland themed Gothic Lolita Tea Party, I couldn't resist joining in. Since I didn't have a lot of time or money to prepare, I decided to do the Cheshire Cat because I could use my Midnight Rose dress and wig as a base, and alter it from there. Although it started out as kind of a last minute thing, it came out more elaborate than I had planned, and I'm really happy with it!

Construction Notes:
I had two days and $20 to make this costume, and so I began with my gothic Lolita-ish dress and funky wig from Midnight Rose and used leftover black lace fabric from Sorceress Adel to make a large bow in the back of the skirt and smaller ones for the ponytails on the wig and my shoes. I then went to Target and bought a black umbrella with pink trim and three pairs of purple and pink striped knee socks. I used the first pair as regular socks and cut the feet off of the second pair. I used the leg part as arm warmers and stuffed the feet with quilting batting and sewed them onto the wig as cat ears. I then stuffed one half of the third pair with batting and sewed it onto my skirt as a tail. Finally, I opened the umbrella and cut out each panel of waterproof fabric with a pair of scissors, only leaving a strip at the bottom with the trim and a thin strip over each metal arm of the umbrella mechanism. I then used the paneling as a pattern to cut out new panels from the black lace and sewed it to the umbrella to make a lace parasol. I balled up the final sock and sewed it to the top of the parasol as a little orb and topped it off with a bright fuchsia bow.

Photoshoot Pics: