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Dragon*Con 2015
D*C Parade, Dragon*Con 2015
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Elizabeth O'Malley
Bry Prevatt
The Legion of Super Heroes

My introduction to comics started when I found my Dad's old Silver Age DC comics in the basement of my grandmother's house at about age 8. I tore through titles like Superman, Detective, Wonder Woman, Inferior Five, Teen Titans, and Dial H For HERO, but my absolute favorite were the Adventure Comics series, The Legion of Super Heroes. I'd tried to dress up as Triplicate Girl, the sassy brunette with a crush on Superboy, even back then. As an adult I got several of my cosplay friends into the Legion comics, and we decided to all dress up as Legionaries together for Dragon*Con 2015!

Construction Notes:
This costume was pretty simple; for the base I started with a long sleeve purple leotard. The challenge was finding a purple fabric for the skirt which would match the leotard colorwise. I found a very close match at Joann's in a matte, 2-way stretch knit. To make the skirt I used an old skort-style skirt buried in my closet as a pattern and added the triangle slits on the sides. I sewed the top hem with a stretch stitch so it slips on and off with no need for a zipper or other type of closure. The cape pattern was a bit of trial and error as most patterns have a middle back seam which I did not want. I ended up combining a Superman cape pattern with a kid's circle cape pattern, and I saved the mockup to use as a pattern for all future cape-making. It pleats sightly at the neck, attaches in the center at the neck and hooks onto the leotard with a large metal snap. The sleeve cuffs are made from white pleather and sewn onto the leotard sleeve openings. Her orange belt is made from one large piece of worbla, with a second layer of worbla to make the raised edges and accents. It was spray painted orange, clear coated to seal it, and attaches at the back with velcro. The black boots I already owned, and I found a high quality brown wig in the 60s flip style online which worked perfectly for Triplicate Girl. Finally, for the finishing touch I bought a metal Legion flight ring off of eBay to wear. Another childhood dream fulfilled!

Photoshoot Pics: