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Katsucon 2013
PortCon Maine 2013
Dragon*Con 2014
Photo Castmates:
Hikaru Shidou: Gale
Fuu Hououji: EllyStar
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Rob Scholz
Doug Wilder
UMI RYUUZAKI: Celestial Armor
Magic Knights Rayearth

In 2010, Elly~Star, Gale and I decided it would be fun to cosplay the main trio from Magic Knights Rayearth, as our personalities and other traits were well-reflected in Fuu, Hikaru, and Umi. We decided on the Celestial armor, mostly because I liked those designs best and that version of the Knights isn't cosplayed as often as others. However, it took us years to actually sit down and make the costumes, and it wasn't until three years later that we finally got them done for Katsucon. It was so much fun to FINALLY wear these and I learned a lot of new techniques making it.

Construction Notes:
When I originally was planning out this costume I was going to make the armor out of Wonderflex, but just before I started construction I heard about a new thermoplastic material called Worbla that was supposedly much better with curves. I took a chance and ordered some, and I was SO glad I did. I patterned the armor first by drawing it out, then testing it in craft foam before transferring the designs to the Worbla. The armor pieces were cut out in layers and were bonded with industrial glue, rivets, and scrap pieces of Worbla. The larger gems for both the armor and sword were cast out of resin using soap molds and the smaller gems are glass plant decorations from a craft store. The strapping on the armor is cut from blue pleather, and the headband and necklace are made from a textured belt I found at a thrift store. The skirt is made from blue casa, but into a circle skirt and pleated, and then we distressed the hell out it, cutting the hem at odd angles and gradient dying the hem with both dye and fabric paint. The paint sealed the fabric, so it didn't need to be hemmed or serged. The top is just white fabric I found in the bargin bin sewed into a tube top with an elastic top hem, while the "cape" portion is just a large piece of serged light blue casa draped over the skirt. The boots are bought with the armor attached with industrial strength Velcro. The moon necklace is cut from wood and painted with Rub 'n Buff while the awesome sword was made by my power tool-literate fiancÚ, Sketch.

Photoshoot Pics: