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Sakura Kinomoto: Punzy
Kurogane Yōō: Sketch
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Elizabeth O'Malley
Rob Scholz
TOMOYO DAIDOJI: Red Black Artbook Version
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

My husband and a group of his friends made these Tsubasa artbook costumes back in 2009, and I absolutely fell in love with the design when I saw them at ConnectiCon 2009. The look was both adorable and sophisticated, and the tailored double-breasted coats were completely different than anything Id ever made before. I decided to make a Tomoyo version of the outfit even though shes not in the official art and my friend Punzy Cosplay wanted to be Sakura with me, so I made her a matching outfit out of my leftover fabric. I love how these came out, I learned several new skills, and it was my first time completely making a costume for someone else, so Im really proud of that!

Construction Notes:
I couldn't find a double-breasted pattern, so my husband and I heavily modified Simplicity #1558's steampunk pattern for the coat since it had good seam lines. We lengthened the waist, changed the neckline, shortened and removed the poof to the sleeves and added panels to the front to create the double-breasted opening. We also created our own pattern for the tails and lengthened the panels in the back to merge with the tails without a seam. With that groundwork laid out, I made a muslin mockup and then cut the jacket out of black shirting fabric, interfaced the tails, and lined the entire thing with red bottomweight fabric. I routinely asked Sketch when to sew the lining to the outer layer and when to leave it separate since I had never lined such a complex pattern before. Once I was done, I repeated all the steps again with Punzys coat, which was awesome since it helped reinforce what Id just learned.

The circle skirt was comparatively simple; instead of cutting it the hard way via math and a lot of measuring as I had done previously I just used one I already made that fit as a pattern for both the outer black layer and the red lining, leaving one open seam to insert a side zipper. I sewed the sides and top to the red bottomweight lining, flipped the skirt and rolled the hem. Finally, I added cuffs to the sleeves and hand-sewed the gold buttons to the jackets. Neither Sketch nor I had properly made button holes using the buttonhole foot before, so EllyStar gave us a tutorial and they came out great! The rest of the costume is store-bought; Punzy and I got matching red shirts, tights, and petticoats, as well as black gloves. The black ties, which are supposed to be small, are actually ties made for toddlers to wear at weddings, and worked perfectly. The black shoes were bought and I painted the underside red, while the wig and headband I already owned.

Photoshoot Pics: