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Convention History:
Anime Boston 2011
PortCon Maine 2011
ConnectiCon 2011
Anime Unscripted, ConnectiCon 2011
Photo Castmates:
Belldandy: Kurthy
Urd: Gale
Lind: EllyStar
Morgan Le Fay: Sweet Pea
Photo Credits:
Benn Robbins
SKULD: School Uniform
Ah, My Goddess

Kurthy had the idea for a large group of Ah, My Goddess characters all in schoolgirl outfits, designed in the color that they predominately wear. Belldandy would be in blue, Skuld in red, Urd in purple, etc, with the bows being a slightly lighter version of the color. While the designs are mostly typical sailor outfits, her concept was based mainly on a small cameo manga drawing. She had asked me to join this group originally for Dragon*Con 2010 as Lind, but I really didn't have the time or the money and sadly declined. However, by Anime Boston 2011 she still needed a Skuld and asked me again, and this time I jumped at the chance. I think I make a better Skuld anyway. :)

Construction Notes:
EllyStar, Gale, and I went to JoAnn’s and I got four yards of red cotton from the classic collection, two yards of stretch polyester for the shirt and a quarter yard pink cotton for the bow. I folded over the red fabric to make the hem “hemless” and cut the length from the waistline instead of the bottom. I then knife pleated it into 2-inch pleats and pinned everything in place. Gale did the same with her purple fabric for Urd and Stardust ran them through her machine, assembly-line style, while Gale and I went back to cutting and pinning the sailor collars. While those went through the machine, we cut the bows and backed them with interfacing. By the end of the day we had skirts and collars, while Stardust finished our shirts and bows on her own. I didn’t get to try on the top until Anime Boston, and it fit amazingly! I made the leg warmers out of white stretch cotton and lined the tops with elastic bands. Kurthy made all of our broaches and did our makeup for the photoshoot.

Photoshoot Pics: