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PortCon Maine 2014
PortCon Maine 2015
Anime Unscripted, PorCon Maine 2014
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Officer Jenny: Ellystar
Photo Credits:
Karen O'Malley
Rob Scholz

As a 1980s kid, I was in my late teens by the time the Pokémon craze swept the U.S. and too old to be attracted to the show. However, my brother was still in grade school and loved it. "I don't get it," I remember saying. "Don't these kids go to school? If those guys are Team Rocket, than are they all on teams? What team are the kids on?" "You're thinking too much," he admonished me. It was wise advice, and I watched - and enjoyed - the entire first season, earning myself a huge amount of street cred with the kids I taught at my summer job. I loved Brock, and I thought the character design for Nurse Joy was adorable. I knew if I ever cosplayed from Pokémon it would be Nurse Joy. EllyStar offered to make Officer Jenny and wear it with me if I finally made this outfit, so I threw this together for PortCon 2014.

Construction Notes:
For the pink dress I used my trusty Simplicity 4015 pattern, and only had to alter it to accommodate the collar. The entire dress is made from pink cotton, is fully lined, and zips up the back, and I used a short pink petticoat underneath to help poof out the skirt. I didn't have a pattern for the apron, so I winged it using one of the skirt panel patterns for the bottom part and gathering it to an interfaced waistband. I cut a square panel for the chest front, and then drew the straps, which I stuffed with quilting batting until I got the shape I wanted and sewed them to the waistband. The waistband snaps shut in the back with a detachable bow that I made separately using the Senshi method. It ended up looking pretty good, though I didn't put a pocket in it due to time constraints. The hat was made using leftover apron fabric and two layers of interfacing. The Pokéball was a last minute creation; I found a small globe at Target that was about the right size and painted it red and white. I used black electrical tape for the black hinge markings. I also didn't have a lot of time to do any crazy wig styling, so I wore a long pink wig pulled into loose ponytails. I then looped each ponytail and tied it around itself and pinned it in place with a lot of help from my husband. I eventually want to take the time to actually make hair loop attachments, but for a simple solution it actually looked pretty good for a few hours! EllyStar and I had an absolute blast running around in these, and I look forward to wearing her again!

Photoshoot Pics: