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Homura Akemi: EllyStar
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MADOKA KANAME: Magical Girl Version
Madoka Magica

I first discovered Madoka Magica in 2011 via the Madoka AMV "Mahou Shoujo Requiem." When I watched the show I loved the spin on the magical girl genre, refreshing story twists, unique animation style and the remarkable lack of plot holes. I loved Madoka's adorable outfit, but it was also deceptively difficult to make.

Construction Notes:
I modified the corset in Simplicity 2172's pattern to drop the waistline, add a side zipper and a sweetheart neckline. The bodice is cotton, fully lined and interfaced. The accent ruffles were made with a machine foot, and glass buttons were hand sewn down the front. The straps are scrap pink fabric strengthened with interfacing, and I used Simplicity 1558's pattern for the sleeves. The trim on the sleeves was gathered into knife pleats and the seam covered in bias tape before they were closed and attached to the bodice. I bought plain white knee socks and gloves and added the ruffle and wrist edging using a stretch stitch and bias tape. All of the bows I made using the Senshi method, and the ankle and necklace bows were attached to bias tape and closed with snaps. I won the internet lottery by finding the perfect red shoes which already had the criss-cross straps.

My husband made the pattern for the petal skirt using Adobe Illustrator; the petals are double-layered, interfaced, airbrushed by Sketch at the tips with a subtle gradient, and edged in bias tape. The accent gems are glued into place. Rufflebutt Cosplay's tutorial was a godsend for the petticoat, though I used fewer layers with five chiffon skirts and four tulle skirts. Two spools was enough for the ribbon and my husband serged one layer of it onto each chiffon skirt. We then stacked the layers and attached them to a three inch wide elastic band. The top circle skirt is knife pleated at the waist and gathered between the petals in a handful of places at the bottom and a ruffle attached to the hem. The night before the con Elly~Star helped me by fitting and stitching the petal skirt and top skirt to the bodice. She also satin stitched the heart on my back while I quickly made a pair of bloomers using Simplicity 2777. Sketch sculpted my neck gem and cast it in resin. He also carved my bow out of wood, molded the thorns with Sculpty and cast the pink gems in resin. He painted it and added the rose and leaves. My soul gem was store bought and lights up.

Photoshoot Pics: