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Katsucon 2013
Photo Castmates:
Sailor Ceres: AkaneSaotome
Sailor Pallas: Erisaka Blu
Sailor Vesta: Gale
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Lionel Lum
Bry Prevatt
SAILOR JUNO: JunJun's Senshi Form
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

I love the Amazon Quartet, especially JunJun. After making her Circus costume in 2009, I wanted to make her Senshi version from the Sailor Moon Sailor Stars manga. When AkaneSaotome asked me to be part of an Asteroid Senshi group she was doing for Katsucon, I jumped at the chance to finally make Sailor Juno. We decided to base our designs of the original manga art, but use the eternal senshi style sleeves and stick more to the anime's color scheme.

Construction Notes:
This is the fourth sailor fuku I've made and this time around I really knew what I was doing and was able to avoid a lot of the mistakes I've made in the past and improve my techniques a lot. All of the green fabric is from the casa collection, while the gold bow was an awesome piece of scrap I found in the bargain bin at Joann's. I used my previous senshi costumes to pattern the bows and collar, which are all backed with interfacing and attached with snaps. The skirt is a regular circle skirt pattern arranged with 2" knife pleats and finished with a serged hem. It's topstiched to the leotard with a stretch stitch. The sleeves are a regular poofy sleeve pattern and their edges and the edges of the gloves are stuffed with batting and top-stitched. I was also glad to revamp my JunJun wig from the circus version I had made back in 2009. It came a lot closer to what I originally wanted back then using lots of emerald wefts from Arda Wigs. I still need to make the headpiece lighter, however, and more manageable. The tiaras were made for the group by AkaneSaotome and MizukiUsagi made all of our brooches. I'm REALLY happy with how this came out, and it only took me a few days to do.

Photoshoot Pics: