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Anime Boston 2009
Masquerade, Anime Boston 2009
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Anime Boston 2009
Photo Credits:
Katy Hunt
Refractor Productions
JUNJUN: Dead Moon Circus Costume
Sailor Moon SuperS

JunJun was my favorite Dead Moon Circus character because I love the color green and like me, she was a gymnast who loved baseball. I never considered cosplaying her until a group of friends and I decided to do a masquerade skit using the Quartet to Britney Spears' song "Circus." Then I REALLY liked that she was the one who wore PANTS.

Construction Notes:
I began with a green bikini top, removed the straps and added my own gold trim to serve as straps instead. Once in place, I wanted to add some detailing because I thought, as a circus performer, JunJun's costume should have a little bling. I designed a subtle gold beading pattern for the straps which I hand sewed on bead by individual bead. I spent weeks attaching the beads but the glittery effect on stage was worth it. I then top stitched another layer of trim so all of the sewing is hidden. For the pants, I used white matte casa satin for the outside layer and lined them with a thick white cotton so they are opaque. They're made using a yoga pant pattern which I modified by cutting out two holes at the hips. I added ties just below the knee so the pants end around mid-calf. The green trim is cotton adorned with the same gold trim/beading pattern on the sash and purple craft foam accents. The ballet shoes were white which I hand-dyed green and sewed the ribbons on, pointe shoe style. The headpiece is made from three wooden rings wrapped in twine. The back piece is a cut up wooden ring screwed into the base with a large pin sticking out of the top, which inserts into a large styrofoam ball covered in green hair extensions. A cord tied at the back and hangs down to two other Styrofoam extensions. Finally, it was sewn directly onto the wig. Combs were added inside of the wig to keep it on securely.

Photoshoot Pics: