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BakuretsuCon 2007
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Cat Dancer
Jamila Sisco
Sailor Moon SuperS

Growing up watching Sailor Moon, I always liked Chibiusa; she was silly, spunky, always willing to fight the bad guys, and the only one to really tell Sailor Moon she was a wimpy crybaby and to get over herself! I also loved her cotton candy hair. I chose to make her Super Sailor form because I love the combination of colors and because this is the outfit she wears in the Pegasus arc of the SuperS season -- my favorite Rini-related storyline.

Construction Notes:
This was my first fuku, so I struggled a bit. The base leotard is a matte spandex from Discount Dance Supply, and the rest of the fabrics are all Casa stain. I couldn't find an appropriate yellow Casa, so I hand dyed the yellow fabric using Rit Dye. The skirt is a circle skirt box pleated onto the waist roll. The pink and yellow edging was topstitched on prior to hemming. The bows and collar follow Lynleigh's pattern and attach to the fuku using snaps. The heart accents are plastic Christmas ornaments painted pink and attached with Velcro. The rings on the gloves and sleeves are stuffed with batting. The odango accents are cast in resin and mounted on craftfoam. The wig was a terrible ordeal and made twice; using Katie Bair's tutorial, it is parted down the back and wefted with pink hair extensions and pulled up into the side ponytails. I hollowed out egg-shaped styrofoam balls for the odangos and painted them pink before threading through the extensions, which I glued down with hot glue. I then sewed the odangos on to the base wig and inserted the ponytails. I shaped the ends, curled the bangs, and sewed some of the ponytail hair to the odagos to give the ponytails more fluff.

Photoshoot Pics: