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Judy Stephens
Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars

Growing up watching Sailor Moon, I always liked Chibiusa; she was silly, spunky, always willing to fight the bad guys, and the only one to really tell Sailor Moon she was a wimpy crybaby and to get over herself! I also loved her cotton candy hair. I always wanted to do an Eternal Sailor group and I finally got the opportunity!

Construction Notes:
The base leotard is a matte spandex from Discount Dance Supply, and the rest of the fabrics are all from the casa collection. The skirt is a double circle skirt knife pleated onto the waist ribbon and hemmed to be shorter on the sides than the front and back. The sleeves use an Edwardian dress pattern and the bows and collar follow Lynleigh's pattern and attach to the fuku using snaps. The rings on the gloves and sleeves are stuffed with batting. The odango accents are cast in resin and mounted on craftfoam. The wings are white turkey feathers on a wire backing which I originally made in 2006 for my Amano Rinoa costume. The Kaleidoscope wand hilt is made of Styrofoam and decorated with craft foam, metal buttons, and Sculpty accents. The shaft is a curtain rod from Wal-mart which I embedded in the foam using a power drill. Third time for this wig was the charm. This time I started with a 24" clip-on ponytail wig. I removed 12" from each ponytail and used the excess as extensions to cover the egg-shaped styrofoam odangos. I then sewed the odangos on to the base wig and inserted the ponytails. I shaped the ends, curled the bangs, and sewed some of the ponytail hair to the odagos to give the ponytails more fluff.Thank you to Sweet~Pea for making all of the tiaras and broaches for the Eternal group!

Photoshoot Pics: