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Costumes Worn:
Sango, InuYasha
Shiva, Final Fantasy X
Rainbow Brite, Rainbow Brite
Summoner Belgemine, Final Fantasy X
Summoner Ginnem, Final Fantasy X
Summoner Yuna, Final Fantasy X
Princess Zelda, Hyrule Warriors
Rowena Ravenclaw, Harry Potter
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Masquerade: Performance Judge
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Anime Boston is a large-scale anime convention held annually in Boston, Massachusetts by the New England Anime Society. Since its humble beginnings in 2003, Anime Boston has quickly grown to become one of the largest anime conventions in the United States.

Convention Overview:
Coming Soon.

Personal Thoughts:
After making a last minute decision that our Eternal Sonata costumes would not get finished in time, Sketch and I packed up the car and were on our way to the con Thursday night. Friday morning Punzy, Sketch and I got into our InuYasha costumes, and headed downstairs. As the result of several assholes threatening to shoot up a Pokemon tournament at this same venue last year, the convention center security staff had installed metal detectors and bomb sniffing dogs at the main entrance which were causing a huge bottleneck to form. The costumes with large non-removable metal pieces and all sorts of prop weapons were reeking a bit of havoc with the convention center security guards. We were hoping we could bypass the whole mess by using the back entrance, and sure enough we walked right in with just a quick bag check. Once we got in we were mobbed for photos. InuYasha seems to be one of the most popular cosplays we wear these days! We had fun wandering as the trio, visiting the dealer’s room and artist’s alley, and grabbing a quick lunch before I went to change into my Shiva costume for my shoot with Amie. Once I was suited up and painted blue I met up with Amie and headed outside; it was drizzling but luckily nothing major, and the overcast weather actually made the colors of my costume pop nicely. We even got shots of me throwing the hair braids around which was awesome! After the shoot we were able to re-enter the con at the back entrance again which was good news considering my Shiva wig was held on by a giant steel plate under my bodysuit which the metal detector people would have LOVED. I managed to be comfortable enough to stay in costume until around dinnertime, when I finally changed into Rainbow Brite and met up with Scarlet, EllyStar, Sketch and Katy at Anime Unscripted. The show was hilarious, and we chatted with PatD and Jekka after it wrapped up before heading to the AMV contest. We made it through the Romance section before leaving early to grab dinner; it was 10:30PM and we just made it to California Pizza Kitchen to put our order in before they closed the kitchen. FOOOODDD!

Saturday morning Punzy, Scarlet and I got into our Summoners costumes, but they weren’t letting anyone through the back entrance unless they had previously been through the front entrance for a prop check. There was no reason a prop check couldn’t be done at both entrances, but we relented and walked around to the front, only to find that the line TO GET INTO LINE wrapped around the entire building, and people had been waiting in it for over 40 minutes already. Instead we walked over to the Christian Science building with Sketch to take some photos, after which we still couldn’t get into the building in any reasonable amount of time, which was horribly frustrating; we had badges and were staying in the same building as the convention and couldn’t get in the front door because of the crazy security measures were forcing 20,000 attendees through the same damn entrance and individually putting them through near-airport-level security each time. I didn’t blame the con itself but I sure as hell blamed the system which has decided to punish us all with a false sense of security.

Admitting defeat, we returned to the room and changed our Zelda costumes, hoping that we could get inside in time to judge the masquerade! It was our first time finally wearing these costumes we had worked for months on, and it was really exciting! We had a fantastic shoot with Amie and they were holding up pretty well except that I was having trouble keeping my shoulder and chest armor in place as I moved around – I’m going to have to think of some solutions the next time I wear it. By the time we headed into the con itself, the line was only about a 20 minute wait (still ridiculous, but manageable). We finally got through after being harassed because Sketch’s chainmail set off all the detectors, only to find that the masquerade staff was going nuts trying to deal with security; contestants had been missing their judging and rehearsal times all day between the huge lines and having to have masquerade staff advocate for them when props and costume pieces were confiscated because although they met the con’s standards for safety, convention center security didn’t like them. What a zoo! I felt bad for the poor stressed out staff and all the harried contestants. We had some extra time so we enjoyed wandering the con in our costumes before reporting to Main Events, setting up at the head table with Katy and ? as the other two performance judges. Last year had been a bit of a “B” year for entries, so I was expecting this year’s show to have some really good stuff this year.

Soon they were filling the hall and the show did not disappoint. The opening act came out and blew us away with exquisite Hyrule Warriors costumes, wonderful staging, and a clever, well-sung re-writing of the lyrics to a song from Galavant to reflect the Zelda, Link, and Gannon characters. It was simple, wildly entertaining, showcased performance talent, and the costumes were outstanding. They walked off stage with Best in Show and it was up to everyone else to try and knock them off the top shelf. In the end, nobody did, but there were so many acts that came close. One contender was a journeyman Pokemon skit of Jesse and James which was 100% in character, well-written and well-acted, and had us laughing hysterically. We happily awarded them Best Performance. A Master division Zelda group had drop-dead gorgeous costumes and an involved skit that might have been better if it had been simplified a bit, but was still a very solid performance. With different acts to compete against they might have been a Best in Show contender but nothing could top the entertainment value of the Best in Show and Best Performance winners. I gave my judge’s award to a couple who did a modern emotional dance; the girl had great technique, her partner kept up with her and I really gave them props for doing something serious and pulling it off extremely well. A drag queen came out and did the full Real Emotion song from Final Fantasy X-2, dancing with such enthusiasm the whole crowd was swept into it, and she had Katy’s judge’s award before she was even halfway finished. There weren't any bad entries at all; overall everyone did a great job and we had a hard time choosing some of the down-ballot awards, which is a wonderful position to be in as a judge - having too many good things to choose from! Once the show wrapped up we changed quickly and headed to Cheesecake Factory for a late dinner. YUM!

Sunday morning we were up bright and early to pack up the car as usual and go back to bed – our recent and effective AB tradition. Sketch and I dressed as Godric Gryffindor and Rowena Ravenclaw for the day, had a morning shoot with Amie, and enjoyed the con for the afternoon. We got a lot of positive response to our costumes, which was great! Finally we changed, hung out with Patrick and Doug for a bit, then grabbed a late lunch at Max Brenner’s before heading home. A great weekend overall!