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Welcome to Diamond Dust Cosplay!

My name is Shiva, and this is my personal cosplay site. Here you will find photos and descriptions of my costumes, convention and event reports, performance and music videos, as well as links to other great costumers. Feel free to browse my site, and if you'd like to drop me a line, e-mail me at [email protected]


September 10th, 2016: Dragon*Con 2016
Dragon*Con was a blast as always, and we lucked out with some amazing weather for Labor Day weekend! Thursday night we started out with an awesome photoshoot by UV Photography in our Mal and Inara costumes from Firefly. Afterwards we had a delicious sushi dinner with our friends at Pacific Rim Bistro before partying at the Marriott. Friday Sketch and I wore our revamped Han Solo and Princess Leia costumes from Star Wars for a shoot with ChezPhoto, and Punzy and I premiered our Songstress Yuna and Lenne in the evening. Saturday morning, Punzy, EllyStar, Kurthy, Scarlet and myself had a blast running around as the Sailor Senshi in their winter school uniforms and had a quick shoot with Lionel. For a change of pace, I got to be Rei Hino instead of Chibiusa for once, which was awesome since I love Rei's uniform! We had a blast at the food court, with Usagi eating all the things. XD That night we hit up the Georgia Aquarium party and I got some more mileage out of my Emerald Empress, complete with new eyeball. The DJ played excellent music and we danced for hours! Sunday my childhood dream came true and I cosplayed Belle in her ball gown from Beauty and the Beast, and that night I did a poodle skirt version for EllyStar's Disney group. Although I ended the weekend coming down with con plague, we still had a fantastic time! You can check out my full report on the weekend HERE.

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