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Welcome to Diamond Dust Cosplay!

My name is Shiva, and this is my personal cosplay site. Here you will find photos and descriptions of my costumes, convention and event reports, performance and music videos, as well as links to other great costumers. Feel free to browse my site, and if you'd like to drop me a line, e-mail me at [email protected]


February 20th, 2016: Katsucon 2016
Despite the Fire Nation Attack, Sketch, Ellystar, Punzy and I had a fantastic time at Katsucon this year, with no snow and no illnesses to contend with. Although Sketch and I didn't finish our Link and Princess Zelda costumes in time, I got to premiere the revamped version of my Final Fantasy X Shiva and my new Summoner Yuna costumes, run around as Sango with Sketch and Punzy as Miroku and Kagome, and shoot our red and black artbook Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle costumes. We ate so much delicious food at the nearby restaurants and danced the night away in our Rainbow Brite costumes at the 21+ bar at the Gaylord. I even had a chance to wear around both my Summoner Belgemine and Summoner Ginnem costumes, which were perfect for February temperatures! It was our first year staying at the Gaylord itself, which was incredibly convientnt and came with Netflix access; at one point we found ourselves sitting in our room, binge-watching classic Sailor Moon while drinking wine and eating chocolate cake. If that isn't a good weekend, I don't know what is! Beyond the beautiful location and costumes and the great places to eat and party, Katsucon is amazing because of the people. For the last few years I've called Katsu the friendliest con because of its attendees, and it didn't disappoint this year. To everyone we met and chatted with, familiar faces we got to see again, everyone who commiserated with us during the horrible fire drill, and amazing friends who traveled and partied with us, you guys make the con one of my favorites! You can read my full convention report HERE.

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